Over the past 20 years I’ve written about all kinds of everything, from concrete to diamonds and lawnmowers to luxury cars. Lately, I’ve written a lot for technology and IT firms. I work with marketing agencies and web designers, and for businesses of every size, from one-man-bands to blue-chip brands. I also offer reduced-rate copywriting for non-profit organisations, social enterprises and charities.

I write marketing material, advertising, web content, press releases, articles, case studies and white papers. Whatever you need, I work hard to understand your people and products, and write effective, engaging copy that creates a story and nurtures connections.
I’m also an eagle-eyed proofreader. Send me anything for review, from letters, proposals and presentations to flyers, brochures and handbooks.

I make information mean more by turning complex or routine subjects into compelling content that tells, sells and helps build brands. Honest words and well-crafted copy speak volumes about your organisation, protecting and promoting the reputation you’ve worked hard to create. If you know what you want to say but not how to say it, or simply don’t have the time, call me for a word and let’s get writing.